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What kind of material is the bakelite sheet

The bakelite board is a kind of composite material, its base material is the thin wood piece made from the log, the binder is the phenolic resin. It is now widely used in many fields, such as furniture decoration, aircraft shipbuilding, electronic electrician and so on.

Compared with the epoxy plate, the bakelite board has a little worse performance than the epoxy board, but it is still a good one, and the price is low.

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Production process of bakelite sheet

The first is rotary cutting, then dry plate, drying, gluing, gluing plate, group embryo, laminating, cooling, discharging, cutting, and finally finished products.

When it is pressed, the ordinary bakelite board uses the pressure of 1~2MPa, the quality of the product is required to use the pressure of 2~4MPa, the temperature is controlled around 150 degrees C, the time is based on the thickness of the board, each increase of 1 millimeters, the time increases 70s.

In order to reduce the cost and density, the board has a sandwich type, that is, the middle part is made of paper or glass cloth, and then the honeycomb structure is solidified. The outside words are still plywood. In addition, if the rubber board is pressed, the upper and lower sides are pressed with the melamine formaldehyde resin impregnated adhesive board together, and it can have better decorative effect. The use of fiberglass reinforced plastic board can improve its mechanical properties, especially its elastic modulus and static bending strength.

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