Can an bakelite sheet work in a wet environment

Can an bakelite sheet work in a wet environment

An bakelite sheet is a kind of artificial material. Once the synthetic chemical is heated and molded, it is no longer able to shape other shapes, so the material has poor water absorbency, no electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance and strong strength, so it is widely used in all kinds of electrical and electrical insulation parts.

electrical insulating material

The bakelite sheet has excellent electrical performance at normal temperature and good mechanical processing performance. The paper bakelite sheet is one of the most common laminates, and it is also the most widely used and most used industrial laminated plate in the world.

Can an bakelite sheet work in a wet environment? First of all, let’s explain the reason for the formation of static electricity. In wet environment, because of the conduction of water, even if the electrons are transferred to moist objects, these electrons can not accumulate because of the action of the conductive body. So it is more difficult to produce static electricity in a wet environment. Therefore, the electric board can completely work in a humid environment.

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