Why do you say the bakelite board is great?

Why do you say the bakelite board is great?

Some buyers will ask before, why do many people say that electric board is good. Today we will discuss and analyze the specific reasons.

First of all, see what is the material of the bakelite board together? What are the characteristics?
It is a phenolic laminating board made of bleached wood paddle paper immersed in phenolic resin. It is easy to see from its processing materials that it has good high temperature resistance, insulation, dielectric, non-water absorption, cheap, anti-static and other characteristics.

bakelite board sheet

In fact, where the electrical board is good is closely related to its characteristics.

1. The price is substantial. Bakelite products are the preferred substitutes for many plastic products because their raw material prices are about 50% of ABS prices, plus excellent product characteristics.

2. High temperature resistance. It is temperature resistant (continuous) C 140; temperature resistance (short time) C 300.

3. The size and specifications are flexible. It can be processed according to the drawings and samples of the customers.

4. The use is wide. It is suitable to be used as insulation structure parts in motor and electrical equipment with higher mechanical performance requirements, and can be used in transformer oil. Do you want to be a good thing for manufacturers of electric boards?

5. the resistance is great. Its volume resistance is 10-7~10-8 ohm x cm; the surface resistance is 1023 ohms, so it shows its good insulation.

With the high strength of the global power industry, the bakelite board has become an indispensable role, so the prospect of development is very optimistic, if you have the need to buy, we sincerely look forward to. Email: jiangqian@ztaero.com.

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