Which bakelite board is really good

Tell you where bakelite sheet is really good?

To judge whether a product is good or bad is to see whether it meets people’s needs and caters to the development of the market. For example, Taobao can facilitate people to shop without leaving home, and people think it is good. Where is the electric wood board really good? I think there must be a reason. So I gathered some information and made the following summary.

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More selective for people
With the development of society, people are not limited to whether the product’s performance meets the needs, nor do they care much about its appearance. The color of electric board is brown, black, yellow and orange. And the thickness specification range is very extensive, generally within the scope of 0.5-3mm. In this way, people can choose their own colors and specifications according to their own equipment.

Good insulation performance
Bakelite is a kind of insulating structural parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high mechanical performance requirements, and its natural insulation performance must be good. The vertical layer is electrically oriented to KV/m 12.1; parallel layer to breakdown voltage KV 10.

High bonding strength
The adhesive strength of bakelite sheet is about 3600n, so the internal force between molecules will be small. Plate is not easy to peel off, and the structure is relatively tight.

The water absorption of bakelite sheet is almost zero. The general situation is less than 1.5. This is not only convenient for people to store, but also is icing on the cake for insulation performance.

Good heat resistance
The maximum temperature tolerance of bakelite sheet is 140 degrees, and it can reach 300 degrees in short time. Moreover, it has excellent physical and chemical properties at high temperature. It is not easy to deform. Many surface fades, cracks and delamination are prevented.

Protruding wear resistance
The best wear resistance of bakelite sheet is the most direct economic benefit. The cost is reduced.

No need for regular detection
Bakelite sheet is used for insulation parts of electrical and electronic equipment, and does not require regular inspection. This saves a lot of human and material resources. Thus the production efficiency is improved.

These are the reasons why I collected some good reasons for bakelite sheet. Of course, its advantages are not limited to this. What if you have something unclear? Welcome to inquire.

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