Asphalt fiberglass board

Asphalt fiberglass board

Asphalt fiberglass board

Technical properties of asphalt fiberglass panels This semi-rigid sheet has many unique technical properties.

1. Insulation: It is well known that glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, especially glass fiber with a small diameter. Because of its low bulk density, it can be widely used for insulation, heat insulation and cold insulation in the construction and industrial sectors. Excellent thermal insulation material. The thermal conductivity of glass fiber is small. After the glass fiber is made into asphalt fiberglass board, the irregular pores of the glass fiber in the asphalt glass fiber board prevent the convection of air and weaken the effect of convection in heat conduction. Insulation. Therefore, it is possible to appropriately reduce the diameter of the glass fiber hand-drawn thick wire and reduce the bulk density of the asphalt fiberglass board, thereby improving the heat insulation performance of the board.

2. Sound absorption: Glass fiber material has excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties, and its sound absorption coefficient and frequency characteristics are closely related to the bulk density, thickness and diameter of glass fiber. The general rule is that the sound absorption coefficient increases correspondingly with the increase of the bulk density and thickness of the fiberglass board.

3. Hygroscopicity: The moisture absorption rate and water absorption rate of the asphalt glass fiber board were measured by Shanghai Glass Fiber Structure Research Institute: after being stored in a humidity chamber with a temperature of 50 ° C and a relative humidity of 93% for 24 hours, the moisture absorption rate was not measured. More than 0.5% by weight, at room temperature, the test plate was taken out in water for 24 hours, and after one hour of dripping, the water absorption was measured to be not more than 15% by weight.

4. Other technical performance: (1) Solid vibration isolation performance between two building foundations, using l. . Millimeter thick asphalt fiberglass board isolated. Its isolation amount) 30 decibels. The amount of vibration is fired with a standard striker, followed by a 2209+1616 precision sound level meter. The measured value between two adjacent bases. (2) Compressive strength: under the action of 0.2 kg/cm 2 static load, the relative compression of the child is 15%.

Application category
The sheet has a low thermal conductivity and can be used as a non-high temperature (+150 ° C) insulation material and a low temperature (30 ° C) insulation material for various industrial buildings. Because the sheet is loose and porous, it has the property of reflecting sound waves when it is built with a rigid dense wall, and can be used as a high-quality sound absorbing material. If the insulation layer used for the outer layer of the ventilation duct can replace the cork board or the wood board, it will not be mildewed due to moisture absorption; if it is used as a sound absorbing layer for special requirements, it can replace the ultra-fine glass wool felt; The board has a low moisture absorption rate and can be used as a high-quality moisture-proof material. It can also be used as a large-area wall and ceiling insulation. Or used for acoustic sewing for vibration isolation.

Used as cold storage insulation material, used for air conditioning room wall, ventilation channel, trench wall as insulation material, used for broadcasting studio double wall for sound insulation and insulation materials, used for vertical foundation for sound insulation and vibration isolation materials. It is used for broadcasting, recording room for roof insulation, insulation layer, for constant temperature room wall for insulation, insulation materials, etc.

Random polypropylene fiberglass board

The random polypropylene fiberglass board is a kind of semi-hard board made of glass fiber hand-drawn thick wire as the main raw material, using a petrochemical plant waste material, a random polypropylene as a binder, and a special process. In addition to all the characteristics of the asphalt fiberglass board, the plate has a thermal conductivity of 20% lower. Because the plate does not require petroleum asphalt, the scrap of the petrochemical plant is used, so the product cost can be greatly reduced. “Double materials” comprehensive utilization of products.

Compared with the asphalt fiberglass board, the polypropylene glass fiber reinforced board has a slightly lower rigidity, but does not affect its performance. In order to keep the dimensional stability and deformation during transportation and storage, a layer of 5 can be applied on the outer surface of the sheet. The solution of the millimeter thick cement mortar protective layer is solved. This can increase the rigidity of the sheet and facilitate the bonding with the structural layer wall.

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