Silicone Laminate

Silicone resin can be molded or injection molded into a plastic part, that is, a silicone molding compound, after adding mica powder, asbestos, quartz powder, glass fiber or glass cloth filler and curing catalyst as basic components.

They have high heat resistance, mechanical strength and electrical insulation properties with small changes in temperature, better arc resistance and waterproof, moisture and other properties.

Silicone molding compounds can be used to make heat-resistant insulating parts such as coil formers, terminal blocks, special switches, and instrumentation housings. They are widely used in aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, radio, electrical, and other industries.

Silicone plastics are non-toxic and odorless, and can be used in a large number of applications in medical devices, electronic appliances, electrical appliances, electrical switches, and heat-resistant insulating parts on missiles and aircraft. Silicone plastics can be classified into laminated plastics, molded plastics, and foamed plastics, depending on the method of forming.

Silicone Laminate:

Silicone glass cloth laminated board and mica board, according to the characteristics of the silicone resin used, can be classified as electrical insulation paint or adhesive Fan Tao; if divided by the final product shape, they can be classified as plastic Fan Tao.

Silicone Laminate

Silicone molded plastics:

Silicone moulded plastics are thermosetting plastics that are obtained by mixing silicone resins, fillers, catalysts, dyes, release agents and curing agents. Commonly used fillers are glass fibers, asbestos, silica, quartz powder, talc, mica, etc. Catalysts are lead oxide or lead carbonate, triethanolamine, and mixtures of triethanolamine and benzoyl peroxide; commonly used mold release agents It is calcium oleate.

Silicone foam:

Silicone foam is a low density, sponge-like material with a cell structure that withstands high temperatures of 360 degrees and is flame resistant. It is an excellent material for thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation, and electrical insulation.

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