Application of phenolic plate

Application of phenolic plate

Phenolic board is also recognized as the most promising new insulation material in the world. Because, this kind of new material and the common polymer resin depend on the material which gets by adding the flame retardant has the essential difference, does not burn in the fire, does not melt, also does not emit the toxic smoke, and has the quality light, the non-toxic, the non-corrosive, the insulation, the energy conservation, the sound insulation, the inexpensive and so on merits, moreover does not need the Freon foam, does not have the environmental pollution. It has good workability and convenient construction. Its comprehensive performance is incomparable to all kinds of insulation materials.

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Heat preservation for central air conditioning systems in hotels, apartments, hospitals and other high-rise buildings (most of the central air conditioning systems in Hong Kong have been converted to phenolic foam materials). It has indisputable comprehensive advantages over refrigeration and cold storage as well as industrial pipes and equipment used in petrochemical industry, such as heat preservation, building partitions, exterior wall composite board, ceiling, sound absorbing board and so on.

It solves the problem that other organic materials have unsatisfactory fireproof performance, and inorganic materials have high water absorption, easy “dew” and skin during construction. Skin prickle and other issues, is the third generation of air-conditioning system, all kinds of electrical appliances best insulation materials.

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