The method of delaying the aging of epoxy plate?

What can be used to delay the aging of epoxy plates?

Aging, I think this phrase we all have a deep understanding of, with the loss of time. Our body will slowly grow old, and people will try various ways to postpone senility. Similarly, the epoxy board will also appear aging. What method can delay its aging? This is the topic that I share with you today.

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(1) pay attention to the limit value of the use of epoxy plate. The possibility of deformation will occur if the epoxy plate is more than 160 degrees. When using, we must pay attention to the temperature of the board.

(2) pay attention to the maintenance of epoxy plate. The meaning of maintenance is to protect and maintain. It is also important to see that maintenance is also very important. In general, we should suspend electrical appliances and electronic equipment for fixed time maintenance. It is possible to detect plates, even if they find problems, and solve problems.

(3) pay attention to the storage environment of epoxy plate. Many friends keep the epoxy board in the warehouse for a long time without paying attention to the drying of the air and the humidity of the environment. Generally, the most suitable environmental condition is that the air moisture is best not to exceed 70%, and the temperature is about 25 degrees.

(4) do not direct the epoxy panels in the sun. Some friends because of epoxy plate long time storage in one place, want to get out in the sun, the general may be put in the sun directly, so the performance characteristics of the plate is a hundred harm and no profit, it is best to dry in the shade.

The above is the way to delay the aging of epoxy boards. If you have something unclear? Welcome to inquire. We will take a one – to – one reply.

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