Electrical Insulating Material-What are the advantages of the epoxy tube

The electrical insulating material – epoxy tube is molded by electrothermal grade alkali free fiberglass cloth and molded by the mould.

Application of epoxy tube
It is mainly used as insulating parts in electronic equipment. It requires very low environmental requirements. Dry, hot and humid places can operate as usual. Nowadays, the popularity of electronic products is stimulating the demand of epoxy tubes.

The advantages of the epoxy tube
1. High temperature resistance. The high temperature rating of common epoxy tubes is B, which is 155 degrees centigrade. Some of the properties are especially good, for example, the G11 can reach 180 degrees Celsius. Because it is used in electronic products, high temperature resistance is a necessary condition.

2. The dielectric property is good. The epoxy tube is an insulating material. The parallel layer has a breakdown voltage of more than 40KV. It can be used in high-power electrical appliances. It works for a long time without being easily breakdown by voltage.

3. The mechanical properties are good. Epoxy tube has high strength, fatigue resistance, good toughness, no deformation.

4. The plasticity is strong. The epoxy tube has various processing methods, such as cutting, grinding, drilling, and strong plasticity. As long as there are drawings, it can be made into the desired style.

5, environmental protection. The development of industry also accelerates the discharge of sewage and waste gas. We must develop industry on the basis of protecting the environment. Halogen free epoxy tubes do not contain toxic substances, while cleaning the environment while ensuring the health of users.

Epoxy tubes are also resistant to acids, bases, salts and other chemicals. Only strong corrosive chemicals affect the epoxy tube. The electrical insulation materials such as epoxy tube, epoxy rod, epoxy board produced by Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group are not only good quality, sample free, but also the price is real. If necessary, please contact online customers or send mail.

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