Advantages of phenolic panels

Phenolic panel is made of phenolic foam. Phenolic foam is a new type of non-combustible, fire-retardant and low smoke insulation material. It is a closed-cell rigid foam made of phenolic resin with foaming agent, curing agent and other additives.

bakelite sheet for electrical insulation

Advantages of phenolic panels

1) Excellent fire resistance
Phenolic foam insulation layer, combined with other materials for building insulation, can basically reach the national fire protection standard A, fundamentally eliminate the possibility of external insulation fire, the use of temperature range from minus 250 degrees Celsius to minus 150 degrees Celsius.

2) Has better energy saving effect
Phenolic board has good thermal insulation performance, its thermal conductivity is about 0.023W / (m k), far lower than the commonly used inorganic and organic exterior wall insulation products on the market, can achieve higher energy-saving effect.

3) Lightweight and non absorbent
Phenolic resin is light in weight and its bulk density is generally 30 – 80Kg/ (m*m*m). At the same time, phenolic insulation board does not absorb water and is not afraid of rain.

4) Good dimensional stability
Phenolic board has very good dimensional stability, no matter in what environment, there will be no shrinkage, deformation and other situations.

5) Wide scope of application
Phenolic board can not only be used in building external wall insulation system, but also can be used in activity room, purification workshop, cold storage color steel sandwich panel, air conditioning duct, pipe insulation, curtain wall insulation, roof insulation, cabinet insulation, equipment insulation, carbon crystal heating board insulation and a variety of areas requiring insulation.

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