Advantages of milky white light epoxy plate

A brief discussion on the advantages of milky white light epoxy plate

There are many colors of epoxy board, the most common are yellow, water green, and white. The milk white light epoxy board is the latest epoxy board. The following small editor is used as a professional insulation material manufacturer to make an analysis.

electrical insulator materials

Yellow epoxy board purity is not very high, is the quality of epoxy board is relatively poor, it is generally used in electrical and electronic equipment is not very high requirements. Because of its cheaper price, it is still valuable on the market, and the water green epoxy plate is relatively high relative to the Yellow purity, and the dielectric, insulating and high temperature resistance are relatively better, and there is still a high mechanical strength at 150 C at normal temperature.

Milky white lightweight epoxy panels have better performance than water green ones, which are mainly for high-end mobile phone skins.

Material for supporting plate. Compared with other sheet metal, it is not easy to deform, especially its toughness and hardness are better. After adding magnet, it can also sleep and wake up automatically for electronic products.

Function, and it is thinner and more environmentally friendly. For example, the normal plate: 0.6 thick weight 1.5 kg / light weight 1.1 kg / sheet; 0.8 thick weight 2.0 kg / light weight 1.4 kg / sheet.

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