Advantages of bakelite board

Advantages of Bakelite Board

Phenolic resin is a kind of polymer of phenolic compounds and aldehydes. It has excellent properties and is widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, textile and other industries. The bakelite board is made with phenolic resin as adhesive. It can also be called phenolic laminating cardboard, which inherits the superior performance of phenolic resin.

bakelite sheet board

1. The appearance is smooth and smooth. The wood plate feels so good that it will not feel concave or convex. The items used to create delicate and delicate feelings.

2. High temperature resistance, combustion resistance and aging resistance. Insulating materials are usually used in conductive materials, which will generate heat and require high temperature. Bakelite plate heat resistant up to 150 degrees, as long as in a short time, even to reach 300 degrees can not be damaged, if the temperature is too high burning up, bakelite board is combustion resistant, to the maximum reduction of loss. Its chemical property is stable, so its anti-aging ability is strong, so that the product can be used for a long time.

3. The coefficient of friction is low. The friction coefficient of bakelite is very low, and this performance is especially prominent in the absence of lubricating oil and water, which can be used to make gears, bearings and so on.

4. The mechanical strength is great. The strength of bakelite board can replace wood or even steel in some aspects.

The advantage of bakelite is that it’s not as expensive as carbon fiber, but very cheap. In the use of goods, price is a very important factor that people need to consider, cheap and beautiful things are always popular pursuit. The low price of bakelite board is very beneficial to its own development.

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