Electrical Insulating Materical – Acrylic Fiberglass Lacquer Pipe

2740 acrylic glass fiber casing (commonly known as acrylic tube, F-PA)

Acrylic fiberglass lacquer pipe

Acrylic fiberglass lacquer tube

F grade insulating lacquer tube made by heating and drying. With reliable heat resistance and elasticity, as well as resistance to benzene, oil and other characteristics, good electrical performance, good softness, strong mechanical strength, suitable for electrical machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, no electricity, household appliances and other equipment insulation and mechanical guarantee.

Length: 1000 mm (continuous length agreed by the supplier and the buyer).
Appearance: the surface is smooth and the end is neat.
(1) when the temperature is 20 + 5 and the relative temperature is 65 + 5%, the lacquer pipe can not be separated from the glass tube or crack after winding for 1 hours on the required diameter.
(2) after 2 hours of treatment at temperatures of -10 to 15 degrees Celsius, it is immediately wound on the required bar diameter. The paint film should not be disconnected from the glass fiber tube or cracked.
(3) lacquer tube temperature at 130 + 2 C after 24 hours treatment, at 20 + 2 C room temperature and the required diameter of the bar winding, the outer coating should not be separated from the glass tube or cracking.

Oil resistant: the paint tube should be immersed in the 150 – 2 – degree double pressure oil for 24 hours. The paint film should not be separated from the glass tube or crack, allowing the color of the paint tube to darken.

Benzene resistant: the paint pipe is immersed in four benzene at room temperature for 4 hours, and the paint film remains sticky or shedding.

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