A method of selecting a good bakelite board

A new method of screening the advantages and disadvantages of the bakelite material

I checked the Internet about a lot of bakelite authenticity discrimination methods, mostly from the appearance of the material itself, performance to identify. Zhongtian electrical equipment group, as a professional processing plant, tells you the latest identification method. I hope you like it.

bakelite material

Look at the equipment and scale of the factory
Look at the size of the factory and whether the equipment is advanced. Although these are some external factors, they are also an indispensable and important factor. Clean plant and advanced equipment are one of the most important conditions for high quality.

Look at the quality of the staff
Observe whether the processing technology is mature or professional. Is there a strict post training? Only when we are familiar with the industry and strictly follow the relevant process, will the quality be guaranteed.
Do you have the core competitiveness of your own

Only have independent processing technology, and proprietary design, processing team. Their products won’t fall behind. Can not keep up with the pace of the times. Only enterprises with independent intellectual property rights can survive longer. Not only does it guarantee the quality of electric board, but also provides a reliable commitment for after sale.

Whether the work is in place
Every link and task has special personnel to carry out card clearance, and every employee can do his or her duty. There is no reason why I want to process electrical board quality.

These are my views on identifying good and bad wood planks from the perspective of enterprises. Of course, if you have more ideas? You can leave a message. I will make a summary of the views and upload them to you. To achieve the purpose of sharing resources.

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