A FR-4 Epoxy Plate Used in A Car

A FR-4 epoxy plate used in a car

With the improvement of people’s living standard, cars have become one of the main means of transportation. Its speed is fast, the environment inside the car is comfortable and safe, and the owner can refit the car according to his own preference. Automobile manufacturing materials include conductive materials and insulating materials. Do you know what insulation materials are? There are many kinds of insulating materials used in automobiles, among which the flame retardant FR-4 epoxy board is especially good.

FR4 fiberglass

Why is the insulating material used in the car?

Insulation materials are commonly used in electrical equipment, such as switches, transformers, etc., and can be used in exhaust fans, water tanks, wipers and electrical equipment in automobiles. FR-4 has good insulation, high temperature resistance at 120, high temperature, static electricity resistance, easy machining, chemical corrosion resistance, high voltage impact resistance and high strength.

Some people think that FR-4 is the name of the material. In fact, it is not the same. It represents the material grade. It means that the product is made of epoxy resin base material and the glass fiber is pressed. After burning, it can be extinguished by itself and the flame retardant ability reaches the standard of UL94V-0. In the large number of epoxy panels, FR-4 has high cost performance and is loved by people in this industry.

fr4 epoxy plate

For FR-4 epoxy board, the surface is smooth and flawless, the cutting surface is not rough, no burr, uniform thickness and no whitening. Zhongtian electrical equipment group has the most advanced production equipment, the thickness difference can be controlled within the minimum range. The epoxy board manufactured by CNC can be as fast as the size of the drawing, with fast speed and short delivery time. You can first proofing and then mass production, so that customers can use more reassurance. The number of purchases is free.

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