How to prevent damage to G11 epoxy board?

How to prevent damage to G11 epoxy board?

Damage, as the name suggests, is caused by various reasons to make the quality and integrity of the object affected to varying degrees. Therefore, it is necessary for us to prevent problems before they happen. Let me take a simple analysis of G11 epoxy board as an example.

g11 epoxy sheet

Choose the right tool
It is important to choose the tool when cutting. If the tool wears out due to prolonged wear and tear. One-time cutting is not in place and secondary cutting is performed. It is inevitable that there will be burrs and delamination during cutting.

Reasonable cutting speed
This is often overlooked, especially when there are more orders, busy with the output, the cutting speed will inevitably increase. However, you think that as the cutting speed increases, the tip temperature rises, causing mechanical, chemical, and thermal wear. When the general cutting speed is increased by 20%, the tool life will be reduced by 1/2. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable cutting speed according to the customer’s sheet, hardness, and the like.

Keep the machine clean
Processing G11 epoxy board will inevitably have dust and debris. It is very possible to scratch the surface of the board. The quality of the product is seriously affected.

Professional staff operation
Personnel must undergo strict induction training. Only by understanding the product and understanding the processing flow can you better operate it. In this way, some unexpected situations can be handled during the processing, and the losses are minimized.

Reasonable placement of plates
When handling and storing G11 epoxy board, do not set or tilt it more than 45 degrees; to prevent long-term placement, it will have the effect of bending deformation.

Scientific handling
It is inevitable that there will be bumps during handling, so it is best to wrap the plates in a cardboard box. This will not only cause the outside air, moisture, etc. to corrode the board, but also facilitate handling. Two things in one fell swoop.

Do not place directly under the sun
Some G11 epoxy boards have the potential to be wet due to improper storage for a long time. So everyone usually takes it out to bask in the sun, this method is not desirable. Try to dry in the shade.

Above I briefly introduced the seven methods of G11 epoxy board protection, of course, it is not very comprehensive. If you have more questions, you can leave a message and I will reply you as soon as possible.

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