What colors are there in the epoxy board?

What colors are there in the epoxy board?

The flowers are colorful, different colors bring different feelings to people, and are favored by writers and artists. Although the color of the epoxy board is not as much as it is, each color has its own unique characteristics. I think everyone can’t wait! Let’s take a look!

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The main colors of epoxy boards are yellow, green and milky white. Below I will give a detailed answer for each color.

The type of yellow epoxy board is generally 3240, FR-4. Among them, 3240 epoxy board is the most common one and the most original one. But it is halogenated and not very environmentally friendly. However, it is cheap and suitable for electrical and electronic products where general performance requirements are not very high. For example: radio, telephone, MP3, etc. The FR-4 epoxy board is more than just the performance of the 3240 epoxy board, and it is very environmentally friendly. At the same time, both economic and environmental benefits are taken into account. The development prospects cannot be ignored.

The models of green epoxy boards generally have three models: FR-4, G10, and G11. These three models are relatively high performance in epoxy boards. Among them, G10 and G11 are better than FR-4. The internal stress of G11 can reach 288 degrees and the high temperature can reach 160-180 degrees. Generally applicable to high-end electrical and electronic equipment. Such as transformers, instrumentation, motor insulation, grinding gear, electronic switch insulation board.

Milky white:
It is a new type of plate recently. With the popularity of smartphones, it has also driven the popularity of milky white epoxy panels. It is generally used as a support plate for mobile phone holsters. It not only has insulation and high temperature resistance, but also has automatic sleep and wake-up functions, which are thinner and more environmentally friendly.

The above three types of epoxy board color are the most common on the market today, and each has its own merits. If you want to know more, please visit our website, where there is a more detailed introduction.

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