Tips for placing fiberglass panels

Tips for placing fiberglass panels

Every detail of a high quality fiberglass board is very important. No matter the processing technology, the operation of the personnel, the placement is very important, each link can be said to complement each other. Reasonable placement of the board is not only responsible for the board itself, but also for the consumer. Below I teach you the tips for placing plates.

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For fiberglass panels as insulation materials, be sure not to touch the ground directly. If the semi-finished products are too large or have to be placed on the ground, be sure to place the pads below. If the space of your factory is limited, you have to put it vertically, it is best to put it at an angle of less than 45 degrees, so as to avoid bending the sheet, and to carry out secondary processing, it can be said that it is a waste of labor.

When placing the fiberglass board, be careful to make sure that it is patchy. Put the same size, color, and model plates in one place, which is not only easy to find, but also gives people a clear feeling. When stacking, the plates should not be piled too high, so that the plates may fall off, and the external factors such as cleanness and humidity of the plant should be ensured.

The above is the tip of the security fiberglass board, of course, there are many details. I think as long as you follow the above rules, this is also the biggest guarantee for the performance of fiberglass panels. If you have any questions? Welcome to inquire.

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