The role of bakelite rod on distribution boxes

bakelite rodBriefly understand the role of  bakelite rods on distribution boxes

The frequent occurrence of high-rise building fires has caused widespread concern in society as a central nervous distribution box for power distribution systems. How to make the distribution box prevent and deal with it is a topic of concern. The most basic problem of the distribution box is insulation and flame retardant. What kind of material has this effect? The answer is –  bakelite rods.

Bakelite rod is a common name for insulated laminated rods. In fact, it has the same performance as the  bakelite board, and the length is not limited and the specifications are relatively large.

First understand the relationship between the high temperature resistance of  bakelite rods and the distribution box
A large part of the distribution box is outdoors, especially in the hot summer, the high-intensity illumination of sunlight, coupled with high-power uninterrupted power transmission, the temperature of the chassis suddenly rises, and the electrical components in the distribution box will overheat, causing malfunction. And the temperature resistance of the  bakelite rod (continuous) °C 140; temperature resistance (short-time) °C 300, not only can avoid the occurrence of faults, but also slow down the life of components.

Next talk about its dielectric properties
The distribution box is a secondary station with distributed voltage. Now people’s electricity consumption is very large. If the dielectric is too high, it may be broken down and become a conductor. The consequences are unimaginable, so choose high dielectric. The material is very inevitable. The  bakelite rod is a new material with a relative dielectric constant (1MHz/50Hz) 5.5/-; the volume resistance is 10-7~10-8Ω x cm.

Last, talk about its flame retardancy
If you are not afraid of 10,000, you will be afraid of it. In case of fire, the power distribution cabinet can cut off the power supply. If it is flame-retardant, people will have more time to repair it, minimizing the loss and the resistance of the  bakelite rod. The fuel meets the national first-class standard, which is in line with 94V-0 and the linear thermal expansion coefficient Kx 10. It is the best choice for distribution boxes.

Bakelite rods are new environmentally friendly materials. They are well-known for adding special composite materials and widely used in electrical appliances and electronic equipment.

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