Insulating sleeve on transformer

insulation sleeve

Insulating sleeve on transformer

The insulating sleeve is a kind of insulating material and is also a general term. It includes PVC casing, Teflon high temperature resistant casing, glass fiber and the like. Today I share with you one of them, the fiberglass casing is the FR-4 epoxy board.

Everyone knows about transformers. With the sustained and healthy development of China’s economy, the demand for electricity is growing. Take 2011 compared with 2010, China’s per capita electricity consumption of 3,843 kWh, an increase of 11.7%, exceeding the world average. The development of electric power has driven the development of transformers. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the market capacity of transformers (including reactors) exceeded 36 billion yuan. Since the country is so concerned, of course, its insulation requirements are very strict. For the transformer skeleton, it uses a new halogen-free FR-4 epoxy board.

insulation sleeve

Why use FR-4 epoxy board as the insulation of the transformer? 

First, the moisture resistance, the transformer is generally exposed and outdoor, the water molecules in the air, the thunderstorm weather is a test for the transformer. FR-4 is moisture resistant and generally does not affect its normal operation.

Second, high temperature resistance, now the power consumption soared, long-term high-power output, the machine will produce a lot of heat, especially in the hot summer is even worse. At 150 °C, FR-4 still has good mechanical strength.

Third, the flame retardancy is good, in line with national standards, in the event of a fire, the transformer will also automatically protect itself from power failure, plus its own flame retardant, will minimize losses.

Fourth, good insulation, parallel layer breakdown voltage (in 90 ± 2 ° C transformer oil): ≥ 40KV, almost impossible to be broken by high voltage, and thus become a conductor, a good end to the possibility of electric shock, let People’s lives and property are well protected.

The role of FR-4 epoxy board on transformer insulation bushings, I will analyze it here. If you have more and better consultation, you can also leave a message for me to learn and improve together.

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