Relationship between FR-4 glass fiber board and automobile engine

fr4 fiberglass board

Relationship between automobile engine and FR-4 glass fiber board

When you mention a car, many people will blurt out ‘Porsche’. Yes, this year is the 50th birthday of Porsche. Although the time has passed so much time, it is still very energetic in the car industry, because he is constantly innovating with the trend of the society and constantly improving, so he will The sports car enthusiasts have won long-lasting praise. Every step of Porsche’s success is important. For example, the insulating material FR-4 fiberglass board plays a role in the mainstay. I think most people don’t know very well, want to know? Let’s take a look!

The engine is the heart of the car, which is related to the economy, environmental protection, reliability and durability of the car. The engine also produces a high temperature of over 2000 °C while the engine is in operation. Of course, it has a cooling system, and the temperature is generally maintained at 80-90 degrees. If the cooling system is made of poor materials, it is possible to reduce the engine power and increase the fuel. Even worse, it may cause engine damage.

Especially in the hot summer days, it is even worse. As far as I know, the price of an engine is almost tens of thousands. A good car, a good engine is a must. FR-4 is a plate-like laminate made of a special electronic cloth impregnated with a material such as epoxy phenolic resin by high-temperature and high-pressure hot pressing. It has high mechanical, dielectric and high temperature resistance, and it still has high mechanical strength at 150 °C. The temperature of the general engine has no effect on the FR-4 fiberglass board, which not only delays the aging of the insulation material, but also increases the life of the engine.

FR-4 fiberglass board product introduction:

FR-4 glass fiber board is also called epoxy board. The general color is yellow, water green, white and black. Under normal circumstances, black is used less. The main raw materials are imported, plus domestic presses and standard processing technology, the product quality is absolutely reliable, the main specifications are 1000*2000mm, 1020*1220mm, with a very stable customer base at home and abroad, and a high reputation.

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