FR-4 fiberglass board is a good material for automotive insulation

FR-4 fiberglass board is a good material for automotive insulation

FR4 is a relatively well-known material in electrical insulation materials. The car is a common means of transportation in today’s modern society. It not only provides people with a comfortable environment, but also directly displays the personality and taste of the owner. So do you think these two seemingly unrelated items are really not related? Actually there is. If you are interested in the interior of your car but don’t have a deeper understanding, then today is an opportunity.

fr4 fiberglass board

First of all, in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, let us look at its insulation material together?

In order to ensure the safe use of the car, in addition to active safety is to control the car as freely as possible, the insulation material also plays an important role. At present, the most common one is FR-4 glass fiber board, which has good insulation, high temperature resistance, easy processing, high mechanical strength and anti-static. It is suitable for use in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high requirements, and can be used in wet environment and transformers. Generally used in automotive engines, exhaust fans, water tanks, wipers, power generation and so on.

Next, a detailed introduction to the FR-4 glass fiber board?

Many people mistakenly believe that FR-4 is a material name, in fact it is a material grade. What is meant is a material specification that the resin material must be self-extinguishing after it has been burned. The FR-4 fiberglass board is an improved product of the 3240’s enhanced flame retardant properties. Its flame retardant performance meets the national UL 94V-0 standard. Moreover, its raw materials are generally imported, and now have a solid customer base at home and abroad, and enjoy a high reputation.

I think everyone knows about automotive insulation materials! I think that in addition to looking at the shape, you can also compare the insulation parameters of the car. This undoubtedly has a reference factor for us to buy a car.

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