FR-4 epoxy sheet for air conditioning advantages

FR-4 epoxy sheet

FR-4 epoxy sheet for air conditioning advantages

Air conditioning is familiar to us, especially in the cold winter in the south, air conditioning has become an important way for people to warm. So, what do you know about the insulation used on the air conditioner? Want to know? I think everyone can’t wait to know. Ok, don’t sell it. Then look down.

First of all, let us know that the insulation material used on the air conditioner is FR-4 epoxy sheet.

With the continuous improvement of people’s environmental awareness, air conditioning can not only bring people a comfortable environment, but the green environment is naturally inevitable. The FR-4 epoxy board is a green environmentally friendly sheet that has passed the ROHS regulations. Moreover, its arc resistance is very strong, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of air conditioners. After a long period of exploration and research, this material has become the most popular air conditioning insulation material.

Let’s talk about the advantages of FR-4 epoxy sheet for air conditioning.

(1) High temperature resistance. When the air conditioner is opened for a long time, the machine itself must generate heat. The performance of the insulating material is definitely harmful, and the high temperature resistance of the FR-4 epoxy board is as high as 160 degrees. As long as the temperature is not exceeded, the sheet will not be deformed or split. And there is no more than this temperature.

(2) Good toughness and easy processing. Today’s air conditioners come in a variety of forms, three-dimensional, wall-mounted, and vary in size. This feature of FR-4 epoxy board can be processed into a variety of plates to adapt to the processing of various forms of air conditioning.

(3) Feel good. Its surface is flat and there is no unevenness. It feels very warm to the touch. Meet the needs of high-end air-conditioning equipment, it can be said to complement each other.

(4) High mechanical strength. Even if long-term vibration, stretching, etc. occur, the performance impact on it is small. Will not affect its service life.

(5) The color is bright. The bright colors not only make the whole air-conditioning equipment look vibrant. Moreover, it saves time for people’s maintenance and testing in the future. Because it can be found very quickly.

Through the above description, I think everyone has a certain understanding of the advantages of FR-4 epoxy sheet for air conditioning equipment. Of course if you want to know more about its performance parameters, uses, etc. You can browse the station and definitely let you have a good time.

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