What is the difference between G10 and FR4

What is the difference between G10 and FR4?

G10 and FR4 are important insulation materials for industrial electrical and electronic manufacturing, but some people may not know much about these models, and it is easy to get confused. In addition, there are G11, 3240 and other models, which are owned by our Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group. 11 years of experience in insulation material processing and engineering plastics production and processing, so we will focus on the difference between G10 and FR4 today.
fr4 g11“G” in G10 represents glass fiber, and 10 represents glass fiber content of 10%. G10 epoxy board is processed by glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. It has a certain mechanical strength without deformation, and has the characteristics of insulation, acid and alkali resistance. Good dielectric strength, chemical resistance, radiation and thermal shock resistance; good tensile strength, flexural strength and low temperature adaptability. Recommended reading: Talking about the similarities and differences between G11 and G10

FR4 should be FR-4 epoxy board accurately. Its raw material is imported electronic fiberglass cloth. It is a kind of product suitable for high performance electronic insulation. It has excellent comprehensive performance, flame retardancy and halogen-free compliance. The EU standard, therefore, this material is widely used and has excellent performance. It can be applied to various structural reinforcements, motors and electrical equipment as insulation structural components. The color is mainly yellow.

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