Insulating materials can be used in the non electrical industry

Explain the characteristics of insulating materials in non-electrical fields

Many of my new friends may be mentally confined to electrical insulation. There are actually some non-electricians. I have compiled some information today. I hope I can help you.

insulating material

Acrylic sheet
It is a synthetic plastic, and because of its high light transmittance of 92%, it has a reputation of “plastic crystal” in the industrial field. Its density is only half that of ordinary glass, but it has a very good non-fragile, hand-feeling characteristics compared to ordinary glass. In addition to its insulation properties are also very good. There are many acrylic plates on the market that can prevent static electricity. It is not only a good material for outdoor advertising, showcases, and window displays. Today, it also has its own world in the fields of instruments and meters.

Nylon board
I think everyone should be familiar with nylon. The earliest are nylon socks and fabrics. Nowadays, with the deepening of scientific research, nylon has also entered the industrial field. That is the nylon board we are talking about today. It has many models. Generally, the two types are: casting and extrusion, but the creep resistance, tensile strength, stability, flame retardancy, thermal properties and wear resistance of each type of nylon sheet are outstanding. Nowadays, it is not only in the fields of chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, etc., but also in the food and medical industries.

Teflon plate
It was first made popular because of its non-stick properties. Its main chemical is PTFE, which has good smoothness, low friction coefficient, non-stickiness and moisture resistance. It is the material of choice for many oil-free lubrication machines. Moreover, it has excellent high and low temperature resistance (-190-260 ° C). It has the characteristics of high temperature without deformation and low temperature without embrittlement.

The above are the three kinds of non-electrical insulation materials I introduced, of course not all. There are also PC, PVC, POM boards, etc. Due to the time, I will introduce them here.

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