G11 epoxy sheet be used in high voltage switchgear?

G11 epoxy sheet is a good material for high voltage distribution cabinet insulation

The high-voltage switch manufacturing industry is an important part of the power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry and plays a very important role in the entire power industry. Therefore, the materials used on it should not be sloppy and must be strictly tested by relevant state departments. In terms of insulating materials, G11 epoxy sheet has won people’s favor. why? Many friends who are not very clear about this industry will definitely have doubts. Want to know? Then look down.

 g11 epoxy sheet

Insulation performance
From the name of the high-voltage cabinet, it is not difficult to see that it is a high-voltage equipment, natural insulation is inevitable. It also requires high insulation, while the G11 epoxy sheet has a high pressure resistance of up to 40KV and its water absorption is very good. The water absorption rate is almost 0; after 24 hours of water immersion, the water absorption rate is only: 0.09 %.

 High temperature resistance
High pressure naturally produces a certain temperature, and this equipment is generally 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. The heat generation is inevitable. The G11 epoxy sheet has a high temperature resistance of up to 160 degrees. Suitable for the needs of current high voltage distribution cabinets.

With such a high voltage, static electricity is naturally inevitable. Static electricity has a great impact on the power distribution cabinet. There is a possibility that the power distribution cabinet may malfunction, which may be harmful to people’s lives and property.

Flame retardant
Its flame retardant performance meets the 94V-0 standard, so that even in the event of a fire, we can win more rescue time to reduce losses.

High mechanical strength
Mechanical strength refers to the maximum load that a material can withstand when it is subjected to an external force. This is a icing on the cake for the life of the material.

I think through the above description, everyone has their own answer to why the G11 epoxy sheet is a good material for high-voltage power distribution cabinets. Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group is a professional manufacturer of plate materials. The processing experience is very rich. As long as you can map and sample, we can process. Zhongtian Group looks forward to cooperating with you for a better future.

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