3520 Phenolic Paper Laminated Tube

Characteristics and application:

Temperature classification is E. It is made of insulation paper as base and phenolic resin as the adhesive, though heated rolled and pressed. Good dielectric property under dry state. Used as insulating structural parts of electrical apparatus in transformer oil.


3520 Phenolic Paper Laminated Tube

NO. Item Unit Normal Value
1 Density g/cm3 ≥1.10
2 Water Absorption % Refer to standard
3 Thermal stability for 24 h 120
4 Flexural strength N/mm² ≥60
5 Compressive strength N/mm² ≥60
6 (50HZ)Dissipation factor ≤0.03
7 Voltage resistance perpendicular to the Layer direction at 90±2℃ transformer oil
For 5 min
Wall thickness
MV/m ≥8.5
8 Voltage resistance parallel to the layer direction at 90±2℃ transformer oil for 5 min KV 25
9 Surface voltage resistance after being humidified in the air at room temperature for 1 min KV 12

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