Which type of epoxy board should be selected

Which type of epoxy board should be selected for the transformer frame?

The transformer skeleton is the main structural component of the transformer. The transformer is widely used in today’s society, and the corresponding body is also essential, so the skeleton has an irreplaceable role. Since the transformer skeleton plays such an important position, the production materials also have certain production process requirements. Which type of epoxy board should be selected for the transformer skeleton?

Epoxy board is made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin bonded by high temperature. The insulating material of this process has special properties, such as high temperature resistance, good machinability, good insulation, moisture and corrosion resistance. Advantages are therefore widely used in many fields. Here, it has been used as a transformer skeleton in the electrical and electronic industry. In this respect, the dielectric properties of the epoxy board are well experienced. In addition, the electrical performance is stable under high humidity, but it is thermally deformed at a high temperature of 180 °C. It is generally not heated with other metals and may cause deformation of the metal sheet.

What type of epoxy board should I choose when making the transformer skeleton? Here to tell you, according to the process requirements, it is divided into FR-4 epoxy board and 3240 epoxy board. At the same time, it can be divided into halogen and halogen-free in environmental protection, namely toxic and non-toxic. FR-4 epoxy board is usually used as the material for the transformer skeleton. Considering its own economic cost and environmental protection, it can be made of halogen-free FR-4 epoxy board.

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