High quality phenolic boards

High quality phenolic boards

Phenolic board is made of phenolic foam material. Phenolic foam material belongs to high molecular organic rigid aluminum foil foam product. It is foamed by thermosetting phenolic resin. Phenolic insulation boards are widely used in developed countries. According to statistics and documentary records, 40% of the fireproof and insulation materials in the United States are phenolic resin; the United Kingdom, Western Europe and the Middle East stipulate that the new construction projects give priority to the use of phenolic foam insulation materials; French and Nordic construction departments believe that only phenolic foam insulation materials have good fireproof performance; Russia and Eastern Europe also. Phenolic foam insulation materials are widely used in public buildings and high-rise buildings; Japan has even promulgated the “Phenolic foam as a standard building fire-resistant materials” act.

phenolic bakeliteIn recent years, the phenolic board manufacturers are committed to the modification of phenolic board research, and strive to improve the performance of phenolic board, phenolic board to improve the brittleness of the larger defects of Dacheng insulation material Co., Ltd. in this regard has made great achievements.

Modified products of phenolic board are more common with composite modified phenolic board. Composite interfacial agent or grid cloth mortar on the surface of phenolic board not only eliminates the defect of slagging, but also greatly improves the strength and toughness of phenolic board, and the fire-proof grade reaches A non-combustible standard.

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