Why are 3240 epoxy boards so popular?

Why 3240 epoxy boards are so popular?

People often wonder why there are so many products in the world and why there are so many new products coming into the market. In fact, this is no accident. Take Nokia as an example, because its products stagnate, it will be replaced by APPLE, SAMSUNG mobile phone. Why is the same 3240 epoxy plate so popular? Its characteristics are related to the needs of the customer.

epoxy fiber sheet First of all, let me introduce to you what the 3240 epoxy board is. What are the characteristics?

It is mainly made of electrical glass cloth soaked in epoxy resin, dried and hot pressed. The cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength at medium temperature and good electrical stability at high humidity. Often used in electrical and electronic insulation parts.

Now let’s talk about why 3240 epoxy boards are so popular.

1. The trend of the times. With the advent of electrical and electronic age, a lot of small household appliances have entered the homes of ordinary people, such as microwave oven, electric ironing, electromagnetic furnace, electric cake, voltage pot, electric water heater and so on. All these products require insulation materials, while the 3240 epoxy board has excellent insulation and high temperature resistance (B grade). Do you say it won’t sell well?
2. The increase of productivity. With the increase of production rate, the original manual operation has not adapted to the development of the times. Instead, machinery not only increases productivity, but also greatly reduces the cost of hiring (today’s wages are high). This undoubtedly increased the demand for the 3240 epoxy board.
3. The widening of trade channels. With China’s accession to the WTO, import and export trade has become a common matter. This undoubtedly increases the demand for the 3240 epoxy board.
4. Its own advantages. It not only has good dielectric properties, but also has an absolute advantage over other materials. According to industry sources, one kilogram is cheaper than other materials.
5. The degree of acceptance of the buyer. Today, the 3240 epoxy board has been recognized by consumers, and has a certain brand. Of course, it’s a good seller.

Finally, I would like to briefly introduce the physical parameters of the 3240 epoxy board.
(1) a variety of colors: red, green, black and yellow.
(2) wide range of thickness: 0.5 to 50mm under normal condition, and 50~150mm thick plate as required.

The above is why the 3240 epoxy board is so popular. If you need it, you can directly consult our customer service hotline or email me. Email: jiangqian@ztaero.com.

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