3240 epoxy board is good?

3240 epoxy board is good?

Recently, many customers have called to ask: “Is the 3240 epoxy board good?”. I have to deal with this problem rationally. Everything has two sides. We must look at the problem comprehensively. Today, I will help you to look at the problem in two. Interested, then look down.

3240 epoxy board

Compared with other plates, the 3240 epoxy board is the most expensive. There is a big advantage in price. Generally suitable for medium temperature conditions with good insulation and mechanical properties. For many devices that are not very strict, there are certain advantages.

Its disadvantage is that it is halogen-containing and not very environmentally friendly. Does not meet the needs of many high-end electrical and electronic equipment. Due to the material factor, its appearance does not look like the other panels look good overall. Especially its color doesn’t look very natural, like yellow, it looks glaring. And performance is not suitable for high-end equipment.

Through the above description, I think everyone should know whether the 3240 epoxy board is good or not. In fact, as long as you choose the one that suits your needs, I think that is the best.

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