What is an epoxy tube

What is an epoxy tube

According to Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group, the epoxy tube is immersed in epoxy resin by electrician without alkali glass fiber cloth. After baking and forming hot press, the section of the epoxy tube is made by hot pressing. The round bar has high mechanical properties. Dielectric properties and good machinability. Heat-resistant grade can be divided into B (130 degrees) F (155 degrees) H (180 degrees) C (180 degrees). Applicable to electrical equipment as insulation structure parts, and can be used in humid environment and transformer oil.

epoxy tube pipe

The manufacturing technology of epoxy pipe can be divided into wet coil, dry coil, extrusion and drawing, and wire winding.

The appearance of epoxy tube:

The surface should be smooth and smooth, without bubbles, oil and impurities, allowing unequal color, bruise and slight unequal use. The epoxy tube with a thickness of more than 3mm allows the end face or section to prevent the use of cracks.

The epoxy tube is suitable for which range:

High temperature areas of electric power, chemical industry, insulated pipe and other industries; high temperature insulation pipe, heating zone cable of metallurgical enterprise, fluid pipeline, feed fast change joint, rolling zone roller, rolling mill cable, oil pipe, sawing around cable, tubing and joint, steel cladding cable covering and so on.

High temperature resistant insulating pipe is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn braided into tube, coated with organic high temperature resistant silicone resin after high temperature treatment. With flame retardant, heat insulation, thermal insulation, electrical resistance, soft and other properties. Mainly used in iron and steel plants, smelters, glass plants, fire fighting equipment, large-scale transformer places and other high temperature places cable insulation protection.

The use of high-temperature sleeve provides reliable protection at 550 C against heat waves and short-term impact resistance of high-temperature molten steel below 1100 C.

electrical materials

The greatest advantage of using lap-type high-temperature insulation pipes is that when installing thermal protection sleeves, there is no need to stop the equipment and remove the hoses and cables. Another advantage is that it can be installed on site in the plant to ensure proper tightness and structural integrity. The buckle type fireproof sheath adopts high temperature glass fiber, and the interior is sutured with fire-resistant and flame-retardant clasp. When the casing is adjusted to the appropriate size, it can be tightly combined with the adhesive buckle belt.

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