2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube

2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube

Withstand voltage
300v , 600v
Working temperature
-5 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
Flame retardant level
Corrosion resistance
Acid, alkali, chemical reagents, oil
Petrochemical, household appliances, electronic transformers, communications, automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and other industries

2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube

2715 PVC fiberglass sleeving is a kind of electrical insulating varnish sleeve formed by coating alkali-free glass fiber sleeve with modified PVC resin. 
Operating temperature: -20°C~+105°C 
Thermal class: B 
Breakdown voltage: 1500V, 2500V,4000V 
color: White(with red line, blue line or green line), or customer requested.
It is characterized with excellent flexibility, elasticity, dielectric properties and chemical resistance.
Main application: 
It is suitable for wiring insulation and machine protection in electric machines, electric appliances, instrument, radios and other electrical devices.
2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube shows:

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