High Quality Electrical laminate wood for Transformer/ densified wood board

Excellent birch wood cut into veneers, dried, coated with resin, then laminated and hot pressed. It is mainly used for the production of transformers; it is also the insulating material and supporting material in transformers. In addition, it can also be used to wind splints, core plates, trapezoidal plates and clamping devices. It has the advantages of moderate specific gravity, high mechanical strength, good compatibility with transformer oil, and easy processing. In addition, its dielectric constant is close to the dielectric constant of the transformer oil, and the insulation coordination between them is appropriate. Long-term use in 105 °C transformer oil.

Electric laminated wood chips are widely used in the manufacture of some devices for oil-immersed transformers, such as upper and lower platens, guide brackets and iron yoke pads. It is used to make clamps on transformers. It can replace steel plate, insulation board, epoxy board and epoxy fiberglass board, which can reduce the weight of transformer and material cost.

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Laminated technical data:

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