Supporting laminate wood for transformer

1.Class: Temperature classification is B.
2.Features: Electrical laminated wood is mainly used for producing transformers; it is also the insulation material and support material in mutual inductor. Besides, it can be made for winding clamping plate, iron core plate, trapezoidal plate and clamping device. And it has many advantages, such as proper specific weight, high mechanical strength, good compatibility with transformer oil and easy machining. In addition, its dielectric constant is close to that of transformer oil and the insulation coordination between them is proper. It can be used in transformer oil with 105℃ for a long time.
3.Standard: GB/T20634, IEC61061
4.Application: 1.As part of oil-filled transformer, such as upper and lower pressure plate.
2.Lead bracket and iron yoke cushion block.
3.Clamping device in mutual inductor.

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The following is the electronic laminated wood technical data:

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