How to effectively avoid the explosion of insulation paint?

Solvent-based insulating paints are flammable, because they contain 50% organic solvents. Insulating paints with No. 200 solvent oil and n-butanol as solvents are classified as three types of flammable liquids in hazardous chemicals. How to avoid explosion accidents in the use of solvent insulating paints:

First, to be fully dripping after dipping
Key points: Dripping time is not less than 30 minutes;
1. Saving insulating paint;
2. To prevent the workpiece from entering the drying room to generate a large amount of volatile gas, and there is a risk of explosion.

Second, the low temperature step is indispensable
Key points: Low temperature 60-80°C, 3-5 hours, then high temperature baking stage.
Purpose: If the workpiece is immersed into the oven after it has been directly baked into the oven, there are two disadvantages:
1. The paint on the surface of the workpiece quickly dries and solidifies to form a film, which causes the solvent of the inner layer of paint to be hardly volatilized or even volatilize. This affects the overall speed and effectiveness of drying and curing; or the inner layer of solvent gas volatilizes voluntarily, and the surface of the paint film forms pores. Insulating resin fixed, insulated, three defenses, increase thermal conductivity and other properties.
2. The solvent evaporates rapidly, causing the concentration of organic solvents in the oven to rise sharply, mixing with the air to a certain percentage (explosion limit), and causing a fire explosion in the event of a fire or high heat source.

Third, the oven design has exquisite
Key points 1. There should be active ventilation equipment. It is best not to install the heater directly in the oven (room), and it can be heated by hot air.
Point 2. There should be no dead space in the oven (room), the top is best designed with a dome.
Point 3. The door should be pop-open;
Point 4. The exhaust pipe should be led outdoors;
Point 5. Timely treatment in the oven (room)

In short, it is necessary to ensure that the phenomenon of burning and explosion of solvent-based insulating paints is to be avoided, which requires both hardware input and technical and personnel follow-up.

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