How to determine the thermal rating of insulation products

The electrical insulation material model is based on four digits, with the third digit representing the thermal rating of the product. In the figure, the meanings of the figures of the insulation material from left to right are:

The first digit indicates the major category of the product:
1, paint, resin and plastic
2, impregnated fiber products
3, laminated products
4, plastics
5, mica products
6, film, adhesive tape and crossing products

The second digit represents the subclass of insulating materials.

The third digit represents the reference operating temperature:
1 – 105 degrees Celsius, Class E insulation
2 – 120 degrees Celsius, Class A insulation material
3 – 130 degrees Celsius, Class B insulation
4 – 155 degrees Celsius, class F insulation
5 – 180 degrees Celsius, Class H insulation
6 – Above 180 degrees Celsius, Class C insulation
The fourth digit indicates the serial number of the product variety.

6630 Products
The first digit is 6 for film adhesive tape and composite products.
The second digit is 6 for film composite fiber paper composite foil products.
The third digit is 3 to indicate that the insulation material product is rated B-rated.

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