Daily maintenance of power transformers

The normal operation of the power transformer is the fundamental guarantee for the safe and reliable power supply of the power grid. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the transformer is very necessary. This article describes the transformer maintenance methods, troubleshooting measures and other content, has a great practical value for the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

The role of the power transformer is to change the voltage and transfer the electrical energy. It is one of the essential and important equipments in the power system and the basis for the safety and economic operation of the power grid.

However, due to many reasons such as its structure, process and operation and maintenance, transformer failures frequently occur in power plants, which greatly affect the normal production of power plants. Therefore, we must do regular maintenance work, closely monitor it during operation, and carry out inspections on a regular basis, strengthen regular maintenance of transformers, take effective measures to prevent transformer failures, and ensure the safe and stable operation of transformers. significance.

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