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What is the delamination of the insulating epoxy board?

epoxy glass fiber fr4
Insulating epoxy board will have delamination during processing and cutting. This is the problem of low-end sheet material. It has less bonding material and low cost. Like the insulation board in Hebei, China, the excessive addition of stone powder is more important. Poor, the product is easy to stratify when it is cut. Good board, how to cut is all right. When the epoxy board is delaminated in the cutting, it can be filled into the layer by a low-viscosity epoxy adhesive and solved by hot press curing. Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group‘s insulating epoxy resin board is superior to epoxy resin sheet on the general market. When cutting, the end surface is neat and there is no delamination. Zhongtian is a brand manufacturer you trust.

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