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What are the common uses of electric insulation material?

Electric insulation material are mainly used for insulation protection of semiconductor components and their electronic devices. According to the collection and understanding of online insulation materials, common electronic insulation materials have the following uses:

1) Printed circuit board, ie, copper clad plate. The substrate is a resin laminate, which is called a rigid copper-clad plate, and epoxy, phenolic, and other resin plates are often used. The substrate is a polymer film or a single-layer heat-resistant glass lacquer, and a flexible copper-clad laminate is called. Polyester, polyimide, and fluoropolymer films are often used.

electric insulating material

2) Insulating films for semiconductor devices, surface protective films for semiconductor devices such as large-scale film integrated circuits (including contact coating films, passivation films, moisture-proof and shockproof films, α-ray shielding films for preventing soft errors, etc.) and interlayer insulation membrane. For example, polyimide-based aromatic heterocyclic polymers.

3) The encapsulation material is used to prevent external moisture and impurities from affecting the parameters of the semiconductor device. According to Insulating Materials Network, at present, about 90% of semiconductor components are packaged in plastic. Mainly use epoxy resin and silicone resin, followed by phenolic resin, polyester, polybutadiene and so on.

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