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The interpretation of the digital meaning of the 3240 epoxy plate of the insulating material

I think you should know something about the properties, materials, technical parameters of 3240 epoxy board, because I have shared with you. But are you curious about the meaning of its numbers? What is the special meaning? I think a lot of friends must have thought about it, but the specific answer may not be known. It doesn’t matter. In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, I specially arranged some materials today, hoping to make everyone enjoy their meal.

electrical insulating material

3240 the number is not named by a single country, but an international brand. It corresponds to the EPGC201 type in IEC893-3-2. And its name is not without rules, but according to the JB-T 2197-1996 electrical insulation product classification, naming and model preparation methods: below specifically talk about the 3240 of the four figures in Arabia.

(1) The first digit 3: it represents three kinds of products, namely, vacuum pressure impregnated products, laminated products, winding products;
(2) second digit number 2: inorganic bottom laminate;
(3) third digit 4: heat resistance grade;
(4) fourth digit 0: it is not a meaning but a code of product variety.

The above is the meaning of the number in the 3240 epoxy board, but the epoxy board also has its own unique meaning, if you want to understand, you can visit the site.

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