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Study on the high temperature resistance of epoxy plate

Today, a friend asked, “can our epoxy plate withstand 300 degrees?” I think this friend may not be familiar with epoxy board. Today I will share with you about its high temperature resistance.

epoxy plate

In fact, the high temperature resistance of the epoxy plate has a great relationship with its model. The highest high temperature resistance of the 3240, FR-4 type epoxy plate is about 155 degrees, while the G10 and G11 type epoxy plates have a high temperature resistance of about 160 degrees. It is impossible to achieve the current 300 degree epoxy plate industry.

Next to the adhesive strength of the epoxy plate.

The existence of polar hydroxyl and ether bonds in the molecular chains of epoxy resin makes them highly adhesive to various substances. Epoxy resin has low shrinkage and low internal stress during curing, which also helps to improve adhesion strength.

Our factory specializes in insulating material, besides epoxy board, it can also process mica board, synthetic stone, electric wood board and so on. Their high temperature resistance is very high, and the high temperature resistance of mica is about 1000 degrees. If you have this demand? Welcome to inquire.

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