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Pultrusion process of epoxy resin RIM

RIM pultrusion process is a very flexible plastic forming process, and the molding materials are generally resins. The pultrusion process has attracted great attention in recent years. The development of this field includes not only a wide variety of matrix materials, but also new type of reinforced materials and manufacturing methods. The RIM pultrusion process is considered to be a special type of pultrusion process in this field, which has all the characteristics of the pultrusion process and eliminates some disadvantages.

epoxy fr4 board

The RIM pultrusion process, namely the reaction injection molding pultrusion process, is basically the same as other pultrusion processes. The unique feature of the RIM pultrusion process is to direct the resin directly to the reinforced material, which is not like the usual pultrusion process. The reinforced material first needs to be impregnated with a resin groove before entering the mold. It is to pull the reinforcing material through a preform, which is directly mounted under the reaction injection molding (RIM) mixing head. In the pre forming die, the reinforcing material is impregnated and then solidified into the heated mold.

As a typical RIM system, the polymer masterbatch is divided into two parts, each part itself is not reacting, and these components are mixed by injection pressure to become a resin system that can react to chemical reactions. This RIM pultrusion process is feasible for the production of epoxy resin composites at pultrusion speed. ZhongTian Electrical Equipment Group will provide customers with high quality epoxy resin insulation board as always.

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