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A brief discussion on the naming of the insulating material FR-4

The naming of each material is not unprovoked, such as Newton’s law, Dongpo pancake, and Du Kang. They are named by people, and what is the naming of the FR-4 material? What does it represent? I analyzed and summarized some information, hoping to help you just understand it.

What does FR-4 mean?

It is the grade of a material, not a name, a code name for the combustible grade, which describes a material specification that must be extinguished by the combustion state of the resin.

What does FR-4 represent in the PCB industry?

It is a base material, a plastic plate sandwiched between two sides of copper. Its effect is that copper and copper are insulated from the base material, or the thickness of the plate is increased, which has reached a certain range of tolerance. The sheet metal is classified into the following four types according to the reinforcing materials:

(1) CEM series: composite substrate
(2) Substrates of special materials (ceramic, metal, etc.)
(3) FR-4: glass cloth substrate
(4) FR-1, FR-2, etc.: paper substrate

Insulating materials also have FR-5. What’s the difference between them?

1. Thermal stress: the thermal stress of FR-5 reaches 288.
2. High temperature resistance: FR-5 is about 10 degrees higher than FR-4;
3. Heat Resistance: Normal FR-4 is about half of FR-5.

The name of FR-4 is not only in the insulating material industry, but also for other cars, glue, copper clad plate and so on. If you want to know what the other professions mean, you can browse our web page where you can’t imagine a surprise.

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