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Insulation Materials Silicone Glass Paint Cloth


1. Basic Material:E-glass fiber cloth
2. Impregnated Varnish:Organic silicon varnish
3. H class 180 degrees Celsius

Product Name:2450 Silicone Varnished Glass Cloth Vermiculite Thermal Insulating Material
Basic Material: E-glass fiber cloth
Impregnated Varnish: Organic silicon varnish
Class: H(180 C)

Product Features:
– Silicone varnished glass cloth has excellent heat resistance, elasticity, good fungus, coldand oil resistance.
– Silicone varnished glass cloth be used as coil insulation for H-Grade motors and electric appliances.

Product Applications:
Silicone varnished glass cloth can be used for the binding and insulating materials for the electric motor, appliance, etc.

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