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China’s machinery industry standard JB/T2197-1996 has classified and named insulating material products and stipulated the method of model numbering. The standard divides insulation materials into eight categories, each represented by an Arabic numeral. The first digit of the product code is specifically classified as Table 1.

First, electrical insulation products are divided into major categories, subcategories, varieties and specifications.

Second, electrical insulation materials products according to the application or process characteristics are divided into major categories and represented by numbers:

1—Paints, resins and adhesives 5—Mica products

2 – Impregnated fiber products 6 – Films, adhesive tapes and composite products

3 – laminated products 7 – fiber products

4 – Plastics 8 – Insulating liquids

Third, the second digit represents the subcategories in the major categories:

 Paints, resins and adhesives:

0. Solvent-impregnated paints 1. No solvent impregnated paints 2. Cover paints

3. Enamel 4. Adhesive paints, resins 5. Cladding powders

6. Silicon steel paints 7. Enameled wire 8. Plastics

 impregnated fiber products:

0. Cotton Fiber Lacquer 2. Lacquer 3. Synthetic Fiber Lacquer

4. Fiberglass linoleum 5. Blended fiber linoleum 6. Corona-proof lining cloth

7. Paint tubes 8. Tying tapes

 laminated products:

0. Organic Substrate Laminate 2. Inorganic Substrate Laminate 3. Anti-Corona and Magnetic Perm Laminates

4. Copper Clad Laminates 5. Organic Laminates 6. Inorganic Laminates

7. Organic substrates laminated rods 8. Organic substrates laminated rods


0. Wood Flour Packing Plastics 1. Other Organics Filler Plastics 2. Asbestos Filler Plastics

3. Glass fiber filler plastic 4. Mica filler plastic 5. Other mineral filler plastic

6. No filler plastics

 Mica products:

0. Mica tape class 1. Soft mica board class 2. Plastic mica board class

4. Mica tape class 5. Commutator mica board class 7. Cushion mica board class

8. Mica foil 9. Mica tube

 Films, adhesive tapes and composite products:

0. Films 2. Film adhesive tapes 3. Rubber and fabric adhesive tapes

5. Film insulation paper and film glass cloth composite foil 6. Film synthetic fiber composite foil 7. A variety of material composite foil

Fourth, electrical insulation materials in the major and minor categories are taken from 0 to 9 to 10 numbers, including the number of vacancies for the future increase in product types and the emergence of new materials used.

Fifth, the basic unit of electrical insulating materials is varieties, the same composition of the main components of the product and the basic process.

Sixth, electrical insulation materials products can be divided according to the size (thickness, diameter, length, width, etc.) in the specifications within the specifications.

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