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Industrial Application Of Epoxy Laminated Glass Products

Electrical laminates materials typically use phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins as binders. Compared to epoxy laminates, the epoxy laminates offer superior compressive strength and better resistance. Layer and moisture resistance, a wider range of use. Today, let’s talk about the industrial application of epoxy laminated glass products.

Epoxy laminates are becoming more and more important in the aerospace industry, for example, as aircraft rudders, tail sections and conduit structures, and lightweight honeycomb materials.
The laminate can also be used as an electrical switch device, an instrument panel, a printed circuit base with extremely high moisture resistance, a coil insulator, and the like.
Laminates can also be used as low pressure bearing plates and similar to special applications throughout the industry.

In copolymerization and models, epoxy laminates can be punched, stamped, formed, and cut. Structural materials have greater strength and dimensional stability than castings and are commonly used to make products that are particularly hard for long-term use. In the chemical industry and in the industrial industry, it can produce corrosion-resistant pipes; in the automotive industry, it is used to repair damaged body fenders. Epoxy laminates can also be used as a pressure-resistant material, which is much lighter than metal alone.

Epoxy laminates are also water resistant and can be used in the shipbuilding industry instead of polyester. The application of epoxy resin in various aspects is still developing, and it is believed that the quality of the products produced in the future will be better.
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