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High Quality Electrical Insulating Crepe Paper for Semiconductor Description:
This conductive properties within the conductor and the semiconductor conductivities, used in 750kV below high-voltage instrument transformers, transformers, power cables, switchboard partial discharge control components.
High Quality Electrical Insulating Crepe Paper for Semiconductor Images
High Quality Electrical Insulating Crepe Paper for Semiconductor
No. Item Unit Index value Typical value Inspection method
1 Gram weight g/m3 105-120 110 ISO536
2 Drawing index Nm/g ≥28 42 42IEC554-2
3 Drawing intension Kn/m ≥2.1 3 ISO1924-2
4 Tear length km ≥1.8 2.7 ISO1942-2
5 Break elongation % ≥45 50 ISO1942-2
6 Resistivity 1–10 2.5 DIN IEC93
7 Test climate Temperature:23℃±2℃, Humidity 40%±5%RH DIN En20187
Notice:The above table reflects only typical or average data, just for providing practical advice in practical application as far as possible, the data does not assume any responsibility for the use of the product or legal liability.
Storage: Plastic bag and carton packaging, avoid moisture and fire at room temperature, storage period of 12 months.
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Our company was initiated in 1958 as a pivatal manufacturer of electrical insulation material for New China,now we have developed to be a group company with three full-fund subsidiary companies focusing respectively on electric insulation material,power/distribution transformer and enamelled copper wire.

We prided ourselves in offering electrical insulation products and solutions for worldwide motor,power,military and aviation companies in the past 60 years. As we ourself are also end user of our own electrical insulation material,so we understand very very well about your electrical insulation material requirements.

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