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Halogen-free epoxy resin board and halogen epoxy board

When buying an epoxy board, the supplier will ask if it needs halogen-free or halogen-containing? Some people don’t understand what halogen is. In fact, it is fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and other elements in the periodic table. It can be used as a flame retardant when it is produced in the production of epoxy sheets, but it will be produced once it is burned. A large number of toxic fumes cause environmental pollution, and there is no such concern about halogen-free epoxy boards. There are still some differences between them.


Some electronic products operate at very high temperatures. To prevent burning, it is required to use flame retardant materials, such as halogen water green FR-4 epoxy board with a flame retardant rating of UL94V-0. The development of industry has driven the development of the economy, but it has also brought about the side effects of environmental pollution. Nowadays, green environmentally friendly materials are advocated. There are regulations in developed countries such as the European Union, and halogen epoxy boards are not allowed.

Is there an epoxy board that is flame retardant and does not contain halogen? The answer is of course yes. After years of research, scientists have used phosphorus-containing resins instead of bromine-containing resins to provide flame retardancy. Phosphorus combustion produces meta-phosphoric acid, which forms a carbonized film on the surface of the epoxy board to isolate the air. The three elements of combustion are oxygen, combustibles and ignition points, which are isolated from oxygen and the fire is naturally extinguished.

 Halogen-free epoxy sheets are more expensive than halogen-coated epoxy sheets. If possible, use halogen-free epoxy sheets. ZTELEC GROUP can produce various types of epoxy boards of various specifications. If you have the need to welcome this call, we will warmly welcome customers with the best service to meet customer requirements. One purpose.

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