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G11 epoxy board – the pinnacle of the insulation industry

I believe that everyone is familiar with the four words on the summit. There are often people on the Internet who have reached the pinnacle of that industry, describing people or things that have achieved great success in an industry. The reason why the G11 epoxy board is used, I think its performance characteristics have now reached the peak in the insulation board industry. Below I will give a detailed description of the G11 epoxy board.

g11 epoxy fiberglass sheet

First look at the material of the G11 epoxy board?
Its processing materials are also mainly composed of two kinds, which are epoxy resin and electrical glass cloth. Nowadays, it is also the most outstanding one in the model of epoxy board. Compared with other models, it has made new breakthroughs in environmental protection, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and internal stress. The phrase “Up to the next level” is suitable for the description of the performance characteristics of the G11 epoxy board.

Below I will give a detailed description of the performance characteristics of the G11 epoxy board.
(1) Excellent machinability The stamping, cutting and other processing of the sheet can be carried out according to the customer’s requirements, and the insulating fittings epoxy glass cloth laminate application is directly provided:
(2) Excellent low water absorption rate. The water absorption rate is almost 0; after 24 hours of water immersion, the water absorption rate is only: 0.09 %
(3) Excellent heat resistance Flame retardancy. Heat resistance rating of 160-180 °C; Flame retardancy: UL 94 V-0

Finally, a brief understanding of the specific use of G11 epoxy board.
1. Insulation structure parts in motors and electrical equipment
2. Can be used in humid environment and transformer oil
3. High voltage switchgear, high voltage switch. (such as insulation material at both ends of the motor stator, rotor end plate rotor insulation sheet, slot wedge, wiring board, etc.)

The G11 epoxy board produced by Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group is one of the best in the insulation material industry. If you have this demand? Welcome to inquire.

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